Vehicle Storage


Store with us

Storing your vehicle here at Wergs Automotive is an easy and stress-free process. We make it our goal to provide the best quality service to our customers when they are trusting us with there vehicles.



Making each vehicle feel comfortable and right at home. All cars stored here at Wergs Automotive are kept inside our facility in a temperature-controlled environment. 


safe and secure

Offering the latest in security technology when it comes to keeping your vehicle safe and protected.  Your vehicle is protected by a 24/7 monitoring ADT security system on all doors with motion detectors. Cameras capture all angles with no blind spots. There are no windows in this part of the facility. Access is by an RFID code only. Each time the badge is swiped or code has been entered the date and time are stamped.



Wergs Automotive offers the best value proposition for clients seeking the best in, vehicle storage. Short- or long-term, our clients are welcomed by a variety of amenities offered here. Shuttle service to and from your location, detailing of the vehicle before being stored, vehicle trailer transport service, battery tender to assure a proper charge of the battery, tire pressure monitoring, and more!



We are available 7 days a week for you to pick up or drop off your vehicle. We ask (if possible) for a 3-4 hour notice prior to any pick-up of vehicles to assure we have enough time to prepare your vehicle before you arrive. We check levels of tire pressure, fuel, washer fluid, and perform a wipe-down before being delivered to the owner. For added security, vehicles are not accessible without an employee present and no vehicle is released without the owner's written consent.